Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

Cropping is an important phase of the photo editing process. There are several situations where this operation can turn out to be truly useful.

Cropping can help you improve the composition of a photo, effectively change the aspect ratio, switch from one orientation to another or remove distracting elements from the picture and hence maintain the focus on the main subject.

If you happen to be in the search of a photo cropping tool for Windows to serve any of the purposes mentioned above, you’re definitely in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of PC tools which you can reliably put to use for your image cropping needs. This is a list of lightweight programs that are easy to use and budget-friendly in comparison to more complex solutions like Photoshop.


Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

If you need to cut a picture, Windows 10 places at your disposal a series of built-in programs which you can utilize to accomplish this task. You can resort to the Photos editor, to Snip & Sketch, Paint 3D and even to the classic Paint for a more retro solution. You’re free to try any of these tools, but in this article we’ll be focusing on Photos. Here’s how to use it:

Open your picture with the Photos app and click on the Crop icon located in the top-center toolbar. Next all you have to do is use the corner handles of the rectangle and select which area you wish to remove. Additionally the app gives you the opportunity to choose a predefined aspect ratio, such as square, 4:3 or perhaps 10:8, and to turn a landscape image into a portrait one and vice versa. At the same time Photos provides useful options to straighten the image, to rotate or flip it according to your necessities.


Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

PhotoMarks is an efficient tool to crop images on Windows. This is due to the fact that it is truly easy to use and it comes with batch processing capabilities. The interface is clean and clear, with no confusing elements. Basically all you have to do is load your images into the program, edit them how you want and then simply select your output configuration.

In terms of cropping, PhotoMarks makes sure the process is smooth and quick. You can use the cropping rectangle and adjust it to remove the unwanted area and, at the same time, manually type in the new image coordinates expressed in either pixels or percentage. You can further optimize and improve your images by watermarking, rotating, resizing, converting or decorating them with a series of frames and borders.

It’s worth mentioning that PhotoMarks provides support for RAW formats from numerous digital cameras. To boost your productivity, the app allows you to save your current settings as profiles and just reuse them in future editing sessions.


Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

Fotor is a photo editing software available on desktop computers, mobile devices, as well as an online tool. The program is a great solution to retouch your images and improve their overall appearance, thanks to the multitude of scenes, filters and effects it boasts. But it can also be effectively put to use for basic operations, such as resizing and of course cropping.

With Fotor you have various possibilities to cut out undesired parts from your images. A truly convenient option is to take advantage of the free form and adjust the cropping rectangle exactly how you want. In case you have precise size standards, the program enables you to select from one of the numerous preset aspect ratios. As an alternative solution, you can make changes to the width and height of the image.

This multi-platform program allows you to further optimize your pics, by straightening them and removing vertical, horizontal or lens distortions. As far as productivity goes, Fotor does come with a batch editing feature. Unfortunately it does not offer support for batch cropping.


Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

BatchPhoto is a photo editor that can effectively crop multiple photos at once. The tool stands out not only through its ability to process hundreds of images simultaneously, but also through its ease of use. Since it’s developed as a three-step wizard, the editing process is as straightforward as it gets: add your pictures in the first step, make the necessary edits in the second and choose your output format and destination folder in the last step.

When it comes to cropping, BatchPhoto offers two options. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can cut your photos automatically or manually. The Auto Crop feature will automatically crop the image according to a predefined aspect ratio. The manual option lets you cut your photo freely, with the aid of the cropping rectangle. At the same time you have the possibility to enter the new image dimensions in pixels or percentage.

The great thing about BatchPhoto is that it boasts numerous features to optimize and enhance your images. You have options to resize, rotate, convert (extensive RAW support), watermark, date stamp, as well as retouch photos by adjusting the contrast, brightness and saturation, by sharpening them or reducing the noise. For an improved efficiency you can save your commonly-used operations as profiles and just load them later.


Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

PhotoPad is a photo editing software designed to help you retouch your images in a fast and easy manner. The program has an easy to navigate interface and places at your disposal a large variety of options to improve the aspect of your pictures. In that sense you’ll be able to find a series of useful tools to adjust image quality, to retouch portraits, to create HDR photos and collages, as well as plenty of preset filters and effects.

As far as cropping goes, PhotoPad offers various options. You can crop your images using a standard rectangle or in a square, oval or polygonal shape. At the same time you can select one of the predefined aspect ratios, create your own or adjust the width and height using pixels, percentage, centimeters or millimeters for printing. In addition to cutting photos, the tool lets you resize, rotate, flip or straighten them and also replace the background.


Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

BatchCrop is, as you would image, designed to batch crop photos. The tool comes with a somewhat cluttered interface, divided in three main sections: the file list panel on the top left, the actions panel below, while on the right side you can find the image viewer panel with zoom and panning support. The actions panel places at your disposal all the options you need to edit your images, including to remove undesired elements.

With BatchCrop you can cut images in a free way, with the aid of the cropping rectangle. At the same time you can take advantage of the Auto Detect feature, to automatically cut out the photo margins. This can be useful in case you’re dealing with scanned photos which frequently come with black or white margins. Additionally you can apply other type of edits, such as resize, rotate, flip, dust spot removal or color correction.

FastStone Photo Resizer

Best Apps to Crop Photos on Windows

FastStone Photo Resizer is our last proposal for cropping pictures. This PC tool is available with a rather outdated interface in comparison to some of its competitors and therefore it requires some time to get used to how everything works. To give you an example, many features aren’t directly available in the main view, rather hidden under an Advanced Options button. To find and use the Crop tool you’ll need to hit that button.

FastStone Photo Resizer lets you cut your pictures in three ways: in pixels – by setting new dimensions for the width and height or picking from a standard preset size, in print size in either inches or centimeters and in aspect ratio. Unfortunately there’s no option to freely crop your pics. On the plus side, you can perform other useful operations in the same session, such as resizing, rotating, changing the size of the canvas and the DPI, adjusting the image colors and brightness or applying watermarks and borders.