Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Reducing the size of images is many times a necessary phase in the photo editing process. Making your images smaller can help you improve the loading speed of your website or blog, save important storage space on your Mac, as well as share photos online considerably easier.

In order to accomplish this task you don’t really need to resort to a costly and complex software like Photoshop. There are numerous alternatives available that can get the job done in a simpler way and at a fraction of the cost. So keep on reading to discover how to resize images on Mac quickly and efficiently.


Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Our first proposal is the built-in Preview app. Before opting for a third-party tool, you can take a look at this free option that comes with your Mac and see if it meets your requirements. Preview is not a benchmark for image editing, but it can be used for various optimization-related operations, such as resizing, cropping, converting or color adjusting.

In order to reduce the size of your files, you need to select them and open them with Preview. Next go in the menu bar to Edit > Select All and then choose Tools > Adjust Size. Now you can either select one of the numerous preset standards or you can customize the values for width and height according to your individual needs. You can also choose the preferred unit of measurement between pixels, percentage, inches, cm, mm or points.

In addition to image editing, you can use Preview to mark up and sign PDF files.


Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

PhotoMarks gives you the chance to resize multiple photos at once on Mac in a fast and easy manner. Fast, because the app takes advantage of multi-core processors to accelerate the process. Easy, because the app is designed as a three-step wizard. All you have to do is add your pictures in the first step, make the edits in the second and select your output format and folder in the last.

You can easily adjust the size of your images by manually entering the preferred new dimensions for the width and/or height, expressed in either pixels or percentage. If you constantly need to resize images to the same dimensions, PhotoMarks lets you save your settings as profiles and just load them in future projects. In the same editing session you can also convert (there’s RAW support available), rotate and crop photos, add frames and borders to them, as well as insert text and logo watermarks.

BatchPhoto Espresso

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

If you don’t want to install a new app on your Mac, you have the option of resorting to an online tool. BatchPhoto Espresso is a browser-based solution designed to edit multiple images at the same time. The tool comes with an intuitive design and it’s quite simple to use. Load your images in the first phase, apply the desired filters in the second and lastly choose your configuration before downloading the files.

BatchPhoto Espresso gives you the possibility to change photo size in a couple of ways. You can choose one of the preset dimensions, as well as manually insert the desired values for width/height in two units: pixels or percentage. Besides resizing, you can also crop, rotate, rename, convert to various formats and select the quality/size of your pictures. If you want to enhance your images, the tool offers options to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue & saturation, reduce noise and also apply special effects like black and white and sepia.

Pixelmator Pro

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Pixelmator Pro is a powerful photo editing tool developed exclusively for Mac users. The app was created to help you retouch and enhance your images in a variety of ways. At the same time it places at your disposal numerous drawing tools so you can create from scratch various graphic design elements, such as buttons, icons or illustrations.

When it comes to making an image smaller, Pixelmator Pro is simple to use. All you have to do is go to Image > Image Size from the Image menu and make the desired adjustments to the width and height. You can use pixels, percentage or print units, such as inches, cm or mm. There are also four scaling algorithms available: Bilinear, Lanczos, Nearest Neighbor and ML Super Resolution. The latter is a machine learning-powered algorithm that makes it possible to enlarge images without affecting the sharpness and details.

PhotoResize Pro

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

PhotoResize Pro is a Mac program developed to optimize images in bulk. The app is designed with a single-window interface and makes the editing process clear and straightforward. Just drag and drop your pictures/folder, select one of the available options and then click on the Resize All button.

PhotoResize Pro offers multiple methods to reduce the size of your pictures. You can choose from the numerous preset sizes, type in the new dimensions in diverse units, select to fit to width/height, fit to rectangle, crop to rectangle or stretch to fill rectangle. The tool allows you to save your resizing configuration as a new preset and use it later. In the same session you can rename, convert or optimize JPEG/PNG files.

Image Resizer

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Image Resizer is a simple solution to reduce image size on your Mac individually or in batches. One of the strong points of the app is its modern, user-friendly interface which ensures an easy and fast editing process. The program is structured in three main tabs: select your photos, choose your resize settings and then your output settings.

Image Resizer offers a couple of options to make photos smaller. You can select one of the four predefined sizes or you can manually enter the desired values in either pixels or percentage. At the same time you have options to adjust the image orientation, flip, convert to a common format or rename your pictures.


Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Fotor is a multipurpose tool with image editing and collage making capabilities. The app comes with a batch processing feature and hence gives you the possibility to apply the same changes to a group of photos, including reducing their size. Just click on Batch in the home menu, then on Batch Resize and then on Resize. Next all you have to do is enter the new values for the width and/or height.

Fotor is packed with options to optimize and enhance your images. You can rotate, crop and straighten your shots, adjust parameters like the exposure, contrast or saturation, manipulate the white balance, remove red eye or add a vignette. The app places at your disposal an impressive variety of effects and scenes to create artistic images and lets you directly share them on all popular social networks.

Batch Image Resizer

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Batch Image Resizer is a simple, but efficient alternative to change the size of multiple photos simultaneously. This image resizer for Mac comes with a clean, uncomplicated design: drag & drop pictures on the right side of the interface and select your editing settings on the left.

The app lets you set a fixed width or height, as well as scale your images up and down by a specified percentage. If you need to make other types of adjustments, the program gives you the possibility to rotate and flip photos, add a transparent border or insert a customizable watermark to them.

Resize Sense

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Resize Sense is an app particularly created to resize images on Mac in bulk. This tool stands out through its vast resizing possibilities. You can specify the desired dimensions, fit the original picture inside a box, set the shortest or longest edge, define the file size in bytes or crop photos without resizing them. In case the aspect ratio changes, you can opt to crop, deform or add borders.

In case a photo is too small for the specified size, Resize Sense places at your disposal various options: you can enlarge it, extend the canvas, keep it or just skip it. In addition to reducing file size, you can perform other optimization-related operations in the same session, such as rotating, flipping, cropping or straightening images. To help you improve your workflow, the program lets you save your current configuration and use it in another session.

Quick Scale

Best Mac Apps to Reduce Photo Size

Quick Scale is designed to quickly and easily scale dozens or hundreds of photos at once. The process is quite simple: all you have to do is add your files and select the preferred image resolution. The program will then take over and automatically resize your pictures.

Quick Scale provides multiple scaling options and displays a real-time preview of the chosen method. Depending on your needs, you can opt for Normal, Stretch, Boxed or Crop. Besides changing the file size, you can convert and watermark your images. There’s also an option to save your settings as presets.