How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

Protecting your photos is a necessary step. In an ideal society, people would respect others’ creative work and wouldn’t shamelessly steal their original photography. Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s not the case. People are copying pictures from various sources and displaying them online as if they were their own, without the slightest consideration for the original author. Moreover, some of them are using the illegally-download images for commercial purposes.

Unfortunately this is turning into an increasingly common scenario. Therefore you need to take measures and defend what’s yours. How to protect your photos? Well, there are several possibilities. The first option would be to register your work with a copyright office. This isn’t a prevention measure. In case you discover the copyright infringement and wish to take legal actions, you’ll have an official document certifying you’re the rightful owner of those photographs. The downside is that the process isn’t exactly cheap.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to prevent image theft, there are others methods you can implement, such as editing the EXIF data, uploading low-resolution photos or adding a visible watermark. Inserting a text or logo into your photos is an efficient way to deter thieves, since it clearly indicates your ownership. The good news is that you can add a watermark to multiple photos simultaneously directly from your iOS device. Here’s a list of apps that can accomplish this task:


How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

PhotoMarks is an iPhone and iPad app designed to help you protect your pictures. The app comes with a user-friendly interface and allows you to watermark dozens of photos at the same time without any quality loss. You can add a copyright text or a logo to your images and completely customize each one according to your preferences.

PhotoMarks lets you position, resize and rotate the chosen watermark where and how you please, adjust the transparency, select the desired font style and color or apply special effects like stroke and shadow. The app gives you the possibility to work with multiple layers in both portrait and landscape mode and provides undo & redo support. Once you’re done watermarking, you can save the new images on your iOS device or directly share them on social media or via email.

To further boost your productivity, PhotoMarks allows you to save your current settings as Profiles and load them in future sessions. This way you won’t have to repeat the same editing steps over and over again.

eZy Watermark

How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

eZy Watermark Photos offers the possibility to watermark images in single or bulk mode. The app is designed with a modern interface and enables you to use various types of watermarks to protect your visual content from unauthorized use. For example, you can use a text or logo, insert your hand-written signature or resort to a novelty like a QR code.

eZy Watermark allows you to make all the desired changes to your watermark. This means you can change the position, alignment, scale and rotation, set the opacity or select from more than 150 fonts and colors. The app lets you create your own templates (separately for landscape and portrait photos) and reuse them later. You can import pictures from diverse sources and export them to your device’s photo library or to any social network.

It’s worth mentioning that eZy Watermark offers other editing features besides watermarking. In that sense you can rotate and crop your images, as well as convert them to black and white for an artistic effect.

Watermark X

How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

Watermark X is another alternative to copyright your photos on iPhone/iPad in batch mode. The strong point of this app is represented by its impressive library of watermark templates. The app places at your disposal a wide range of professionally-designed watermarks, from classic copyright text and digital signature to modern elements like the GPS location or a hashtag.

Once you’ve chosen the preferred watermark, you can begin customizing it. Watermark X enables you to insert your personal information and make diverse adjustments to the location, size, transparency or color. When you’ve finished, you can directly share your photographs on Instagram, Facebook or other social channel. It’s important to specify that only a couple of the watermark templates are available in the free standard version.


How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

iWatermark gives you multiple options when it comes to protecting your online images from misuse. With this app you can import an existing watermark, as well as create a text or logo mark from scratch using various graphic elements. At the same time you can select from an extensive list of built-in watermarks.

Basically, with iWatermark you can use anything from your name and logo to tag data, your signature or a QR code. The app lets you customize the watermark by changing its placement, size and the rotation angle, by adjusting its opacity or choosing from numerous font styles and colors. iWatermark provides a batch processing feature to increase efficiency and the possibility to share the newly-edited images on social networks at full resolution.

Batch Photo Watermark

How to Batch Protect Photos on iPhone/iPad

Batch Photo Watermark is our last proposal to watermark photos on iPhone. The main feature of this app is its ability to batch watermark images. No matter if you’re dealing with dozens or hundreds of pictures, the app can effectively process them and help you strengthen your image protection.

We placed Batch Photo Watermark last in our list because it hasn’t received an update in approximately five years. And this is unfortunately reflected in many aspects. For example, the app lacks an option to add a logo to your pics. The interface is rather cluttered and feels really outdated. Also there isn’t an iPad version available. On the plus side, you can customize the text watermark as you please and save your settings as presets for later use.