How to Protect your Travel Blog Pictures

How to Protect your Travel Blog Pictures

Posting original images from your latest trips around the world is a great way to dazzle your followers. On the bright side, you get to share your memories with a wide audience and also get to feel you’ve contributed to something, once you see your hard work is supported and appreciated.

At the same time, fresh, high-quality photos can catch the eye of internet users whose only intentions are to take advantage of other people’s hard work. They can even be fellow travel bloggers who not only repost other people’s authentic images on social media without giving credit, but sometimes even pretend those images belong to them.

You would feel pretty embittered if this were to happen to you, right? Luckily, there are ways you can prevent content theft from occurring, and watermarking is one of them.

Two Reasons to Watermark your Photos

If you wish to add a watermark to your photos, it’s important to know that such an approach can become effective from two different angles:

For starters, you deter ill-intentioned users from using your photos without receiving your authorization beforehand. As long as you subtly insert your name or your blog’s name onto those pictures, you let everybody know they belong to you and can’t be reposted without your permission. This method may not safeguard your work against theft 100 percent, but it will surely discourage plagiarists.

In addition to working as a protection shield, a watermark can also turn out to be a valuable marketing tool. By watermarking your images you not only receive the deserved credentials, but also get a chance to expand your notoriety in the online world of travel blogging and drive significant traffic back to your own blog.

There’s life outside Photoshop

There’s no point in denying it, Photoshop is by far the most complex photo editing software available. It can accomplish so many tasks other tools aren’t still able to do, but this doesn’t have to mean it’s irreplaceable, particularly when it comes to specific operations such as watermarking.

In order to watermark multiple images in Photoshop, you have to record an action, save it and then apply it to your entire folder. This involves following several steps which take up time and energy if you’re not familiar with how Adobe’s software functions.

As an alternative, you can opt for a software specially built for tasks like watermarking. This means you get to “sign” your work easily and quickly while still having multiple customization options at your disposal.

How to Protect your Travel Blog Pictures

Batch Watermark Photos in No Time

PhotoMarks is a Windows and Mac tool particularly designed to automate operations like watermarking. By making use of multi-core processors, the software empowers you to watermark dozens or hundreds of images at once in a simple and fast manner. All you have to do is import your pictures, add the watermark and then let the software process them.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add your photos
  2. Go to Edit Photos > Add Filter > Marks and apply your logo or text watermark
  3. In Setup choose your destination folder, as well as the image format and next just click on the Process button.

On one hand, PhotoMarks focuses on improving productivity. But at the same time the software is designed to make the user experience as agreeable as possible and that’s why it provides full customization options for the text and logo watermarks. For that purpose, you can select the desired positioning and rotation, to enable tile mode or not, to choose your preferred size, font and color, to draw a bounding-box, to apply special effects like shadow and stroke and more.

Don’t forget to resize

An important step before sharing your travel pics with your audience is to reduce their size. This is quite important because huge files can increase the loading time of your page and hence affect the user experience in a negative way. Moreover, once you reduce the size of your images, you make them easy to share and also save disk space.

You can easily resize multiple photos at once with PhotoMarks. All you have to do is add them, go to Edit Photos > Transform > Resize and specify your new dimensions in width and height and let the app process them.

All in all, watermarking your professional travel photography in a discreet manner can bring significant benefits. It is a popular strategy to discourage content theft and also a great way to get more exposure for you and your travel blog.