PhotoMarks 3.1 for Win & Mac — July 9, 2018

Graphic Filters (Win & Mac)

  • Mask - New filter to add an image overlay over the entire image

Functionality (Win & Mac)

  • Localized into the Spanish language
  • Updated localizations for the Italian, German, French, and Japanese languages
  • Fixed check for new versions via HTTPS

Mac Updates

  • Updated for macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  • Removed support for OS X Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9), and Yosemite (10.10) due to compatibility issues

PhotoMarks 2.6 for iPhone & iPad — July 6, 2018

  • Now looking great on iPhone X!
  • Take photos with your camera from within the app
  • New and improved image picker component
  • Localized into the Italian language
  • Updated localizations for German, Spanish & Romanian
  • Other improvements & bug-fixes

PhotoMarks 2.5 for iPhone & iPad — July 31, 2017

  • Save your marks as profiles and easily retrieve them later. So now you can have any number of ready-to-use templates!
  • Step-by-step tutorial for getting started with PhotoMarks
  • Updates to the user interface
  • Updated Facebook component
  • Fixed cancel button action when editing text marks

PhotoMarks 3 for Win & Mac — November 15, 2016

Functionality (Win & Mac)

  • Powerful new Details view in Step 1 for visualizing and sorting thousands of images. Sort photos in Step 1 by Name, Type, Date Taken, Dimensions, Size, Location, Camera, F-stop, Exposure, ISO, DPI, Color, Coordinates, and even Altitude!
  • Improvements to the drag & drop feature in the Logo, Text, Resize, and Crop filters
  • The option to pause the photo processing, very useful when processing thousands of photos in one session

Windows Updates

  • Full support for Windows 10
  • Support for High DPI in Windows (200% scaling equivalent with Retina on Mac)

Mac Updates

  • Full support for macOS Sierra
  • The help has been moved from in-application to a web based solution. This also solves the problem with launching the help from the Mac App Store version

Graphic Filters (Win & Mac)

  • Resize - Added new option: 'Don't upscale images that are smaller than specified size'
  • Resize - Added two decimal precision for the Percents option and updated interface
  • Crop - Added two decimal precision for the Percents option. Updated cropping rectangle to be visible on white backgrounds
  • Rotate - Added the condition to only rotate the Portrait or the Landscape photos
  • The option to maximize the window for all graphical filters

Image Formats (Win & Mac)

  • Updated support for new DSLR digital cameras

PhotoMarks 2.0.1 for iPhone & iPad — November 03, 2015

  • Fixed share option for Facebook on iOS 9
  • Fixed share option for Instagram on iOS 9

PhotoMarks 2.0 for iPhone & iPad — September 17, 2015

  • Updated for iOS 9 with support for the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and iPad Pro
  • New user interface with slidable options for marks
  • New Menu section, Share menu, and Notifications
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

PhotoMarks 2 for Win & Mac — March 11, 2015

Functionality (Win & Mac)

  • Drag & drop support for the Text & Logo filters
  • Drag & drop support for the Resize & Crop filters
  • Updated user interface
  • Updated support for scripts

macOS Updates

  • PhotoMarks is now Retina ready!
  • Full support for OS X Yosemite

Image Formats (Win & Mac)

  • Updated support for new DSLR digital cameras

PhotoMarks 1.6 for iPhone & iPad — September 18, 2013

  • Updated for iOS 7
  • Remember last introduced text
  • Interface update to match iOS 7

PhotoMarks 1 for Win & Mac — June 14, 2013

The first version of PhotoMarks was forked from BatchPhoto, a product in development since 2005!

PhotoMarks 1.5 for iPhone & iPad — May 27, 2013

  • Add Multiple Marks
  • Smooth Rotation and Scaling
  • Visual Selection of Marks
  • Rich Graphic Notifications
  • Date/Time Keywords for Text
  • Localization to Spanish and Romanian
  • Updated UI

PhotoMarks 1 for iPhone & iPad — Apr 04, 2013

The first version of PhotoMarks for iPhone & iPad!

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